July 1 – August 28 2021

Portland, Oregon


Night Sky, 2021. Silver leaf, lacquer, pigment, glass, on wood panel. 18 x 36 in.


This summer, PDX CONTEMPORARY ART presents Walking, a group exhibition bringing together the work PDX represented and invited artists.

Walking is a physical act, but also a spiritual and artistic practice. From distance, duration, exploration, and meandering, to the act of leaving cairns to mark places we have been, or simply, as an act of getting from here to there, the exhibition is a visual representation of these practices, and the works are a documentation of journeys taken afoot.

Walking includes works by PDX CONTEMPORARY ART represented artists: Anna Gray + Ryan Wilson Paulsen, Nick Blosser, Iván Carmona, Amjad Faur, Jacques Flèchemuller, Ellen George, Victoria Haven, Elizabeth Knight, Justin L’Amie, James Lavadour, Nancy Lorenz, D.E. May, Kristen Miller, Wes Mills, Jeffry Mitchell, Megan Murphy, Jenene Nagy, Georgina Reskala, Tad Savinar, Adam Sorensen, Barbara Stafford, Storm Tharp, Terry Toedtemeier, Molly Vidor, Nell Warren, Heather Watkins, and Marie Watt, and works by invited artists: Hamish Fulton, Richard Long, Alfredo Jaar, Christopher Baird, Sam Magavern, and  Bob Schalkwijk.

On the occasion of the exhibition, Anna Gray + Ryan Wilson Paulsen are producing a small commonplace book that draws together thoughts and meditations on walking and features quotations, writing, and images from some of the artists included in the show.