Nancy Lorenz on her 2016 CFDA Fashion Awards Creative


2015_Lorenz_acqualina_south_wall_65APRIL 26, 2016
The invites to the 2016 CFDA Fashion Awards land in mailboxes today, and this year, they are especially striking. CFDA commissioned artist Nancy Lorenz to use her artist eye for the stunning art that will be showcased not only on the invitations, but also throughout the show on Monday, June 6. asked Lorenz to discuss her process and how the nature of this fashion event informed her creative. Describe the creative.
Nancy Lorenz: “I experimented with several painterly versions of the CFDA logo. My interpretation is an extension of my art, allowing for the hand made character of the brush stroke, using resin and gold leaf on glass in raised relief.” Did the fashion nature of this event inform your creative? If so, how?
N.L.: “The movement of liquid gold, the use of the most elegant materials, the evidence of the hand, how perfect for this event!” What’s your typical process for approaching a new piece/project?
N.L.: “My typical process begins with experimenting with materials, often juxtaposing traditional craft techniques with painterly abstraction.” Where do you find the most inspiration for your art?
N.L.: “Sublime craft in all forms is a constant source of inspiration, whether it be in textiles, lacquer, Japanese rock gardens, modernist architecture.” Finally, which designer nominees, if any, are you rooting for this year?
N.L.: “I have such admiration for all the nominees, and love seeing these designers who push their craft to the limits. I’m so pleased to see Donna Karan receiving the Founder’s Award this year! I recently came across a series of special metallic lacquer finishes which I developed for her stores in 1990, a project which enabled me to support myself as an artist early on. I’m honored to be able give back to the industry which so generously has supported my work and that of fellow artists over the years.”

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